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The Right Way To Shop for Bad Credit Car Loans

If you’re in need of a new vehicle but don’t have the credit to buy one, you may be enticed by those signs that advertise loans for people with bad credit. Don’t be so easily fooled. Dealerships that deal strictly in bad credit car loans typically make their money on defaults, which occur often because of the impossible rates and terms. That said, you still have options. If you want to get a car loan on bad credit, here’s what you need to do:


Save Up for a Down Payment


A bigger down payment means a smaller loan, and a smaller loan means more credible options. Many lenders are more willing to lend to people with so-so credit if the loan is not for much. Furthermore, by showing up with a larger down payment, you show the dealer that you’re responsible and capable of managing your money to some extent.


Get Preapproved


Several credit agencies preapprove consumers via a simple online application. Preapproval is fairly easy to obtain through these agencies but can go a long way toward boosting your credibility. Even if a dealer doesn’t accept the preapproval offer, it can give you an idea of what rates to expect and therefore, put you in a better bargaining. Position.


Boost Your Credit


If you are in the “thinking about buying a car” stage, take time to boost your credit. Pay off old debts, don’t rack up new debt and dispute credit errors. The cleaner your credit record when it comes time to shop, the easier it will be for you to obtain a car loan.


Avoid Additional Bad Credit Items


Don’t forego your rent one month and your phone bill the next in order to save up a bigger down payment. Any additional bad items on an already bad credit report can severely hurt your chances of getting a good loan from a reputable lender.


Bad credit car loans are out, but you just have to know how to shop for them. Be smart in the way you shop to find a loan that is right for you.

Get a Loan, Get a Car, Get Going

Car loans are a wonderful way to buy a car or truck that is worth more money than you have in your bank account at the time of purchase. These allow one to build credit while driving a vehicle that would otherwise be financially out of reach. At our dealership we sell more cars to customers utilizing auto loans than we do otherwise. It is rare these days to find a customer that is willing to pay in full up front for a car or truck, and for this reason we have a top-notch lending team to help even those with the worst of credit scores drive away happy.


To achieve the best rates on a loan for an automobile one should come to the dealership with a high credit score. This, bar none, is the most important aspect that lenders consider when deciding whether to approve a borrower for an auto loan. Second to the credit score, lenders are looking for a decent amount of cash to be put down towards the cost of the vehicle up front. In the event of bad credit one must provide a cosigner or come up with another creative way to appeal to the lender.


Whether your credit is a shining reflection of your awesome spending, debtor, and financial habits, or it is a mar on your record indicative of a reckless spender, our dealership can work with you. We want nothing more than to provide you with the optimum vehicle for your needs. We will bend over backwards to help you, whatever your situation, into one of our vehicles. Our premier staff of salesmen and lenders will make you feel right at home at our dealership. We can accommodate the pickiest of buyers and the worst of credit scores. Help us help you hit the open road in a new-to-you vehicle that will turn heads across Canada.

3 Keys To Getting The Right Car Loan

There are many companies offering car loans. However, it may be difficult for some to distinguish between these companies and their offers in order to find the right loan.


Here are four keys we recommend you use to identifying the right company and loan.


Know Yourself

Before you get started with your search you should know have a good understanding of your financial standing. Among other things, you should know your credit score, how much you can afford in monthly payments, and the total amount of financing you need. The more you know about yourself, the smoother the process is likely to be.


Know The Lender

You should make a list of possible lenders and do a search of their background. For many lenders, you can get an idea of the terms and fees they usually offer, their loan approval rate, or even their customer service practices by searching the internet. In some cases, our dealership may be able to help you get the financing you need.


If your credit score isn’t ideal, don’t let that detract you from finding a lender. Expand your search to include lenders who work with individuals who have poor credit but be leery of those who only work with such individuals as that can be a sign of predatory practices.


Know The Terms

The loan that you agree to should be right for you. Don’t be afraid to shop around for the loan that fits your needs in regard to the monthly payment amount as well as overall terms such as interest rate, extra fees, and repayment period.


The best thing you can do when searching for a car loan is to start early. Once you have an idea of what your financing needs are, you should begin to identify potential options. You don’t want to wait until you’ve found the car you want to begin searching for financing options.

Car Shopping: 3 Ways to Offset Bad Credit


When you try to get a loan for a car from the dealership, one of the first things we look at is your credit score. If your score is low, however, there is still hope. There are ways to get approved for the car loan you need even if you have bad credit.


Qualified Co-Signer


A co-signer with better credit can be your saving grace. Having someone co-sign the loan can help you get the car you want while reassuring us that the loan will be paid. The co-signer agrees that, in the event that you do not make payments, he or she will take responsibility for them. You get approved, and we get assurance that the loan will be paid.




Another way to be approved for bad credit car loans is to trade in your old vehicle for the one you want to purchase. The value of the trade-in can lower the total loan amount, making lending to you less of a risk, even if you have bad credit. The car you no longer need can help you get the next car.


Large Down Payment


As lenders, we tend to consider bad credit a big lending risk. If, however, you can demonstrate that your credit is not indicative of poor cash flow, it is not so much of a problem. One way to do that is to offer a large down payment on the car. If you are able to put a significant portion of the car’s value down, this increases your chance of being approved for a loan. It lowers the amount you will need to borrow and proves that producing money is not an insurmountable challenge to you.


Even if you have bad credit, it is still possible to be approved for a car loan. Credit score is just one factor used in determining approval.

How To Find a Great Car Loan

A lot goes into getting a new vehicle. Aside from finding the right car at the right price, you have to know how to get the right financing. Not all car loans are created equal, and you should keep the following items in mind as you start looking for a lender.


Have Your Credit Score Ready To Go


If you show up at a dealership with no idea of your credit score and how that number might affect your loan, you’re already off to a bad start. Check your score before you even begin shopping for a car, and if the number doesn’t look good, see what you can do to improve it. No one is going to offer a decent loan to someone they can’t trust, so do whatever you can to show you’re an ideal candidate.


Read the Fine Print


Most car loans sound great at first, which is why so many people end up saddled with debt. To know whether or not you can actually afford the loan you’re acquiring, you need to focus on the total amount borrowed and any fine print that might lead to rate hikes down the road. Some lenders pray on uninformed borrowers, so it’s your job to make sure you know what you’re doing. Don’t get caught up in the excitement of buying a vehicle and cripple your financial future.


Limit Conditions


It’s not in your best interest to drive off with questions left unanswered. If all the good aspects of your loan are conditional, there’s a strong chance you’ll see the terms of your loan worsen over time. Establish the terms before you accept the money so you know what you can expect with your monthly payments.


There are excellent car loans out there if you know where to look. Educate yourself on the lending process and don’t settle for terms worse than what you deserve.

How to Prepare to Secure Auto Loans

Other than buying a home or paying for a college education, getting a car is probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make in your life. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a big nest egg saved up or if you have an impressive cash flow coming through each month, you’ll need auto loans to help pay for your new vehicle. You don’t want to get in over your head or get to the dealer only to find out you can’t qualify for financing. Fortunately, there are some things you can do ahead of time to help ensure you get the financial assistance you need.


Pay Down Your Debt


Your debt-to-income ratio will go a long way in determining whether you qualify for a favorable loan. If you’re struggling with credit card debt, start working today to whittle it down. Pay off your installment loans and begin to chip away at those items bringing down your debt-to-income ratio. The less debt you have and more income you bring in, the better chances you have of getting a loan for the car you want.


Know Your Score


If you don’t know your credit score, it’s a good idea to find out what it is before shopping at the dealer. This way, there won’t be any surprises. Make sure you pay your bills on time or that you don’t open any credit accounts or get other loans right before you start shopping for a new vehicle. The better score you have, the better interest rate you’ll secure when you start looking for auto loans.


Have Something to put Down


If you know you’ll need a new car in the coming months, start saving money now. This will give you something to use for a down payment when you’re ready to purchase your car. The more you can put down, the less you’ll pay each month.


Getting a car loan doesn’t have to stress you out. Keep these tips in mind, and you can make this a smooth, enjoyable process.

What to Know About Buying a Car in Canada

A car is a major purchase. Unless you have thousands of dollars lying around, chances are you’ll need to borrow money. Car loans are a viable option for buying all kinds of vehicles. By understanding different aspects of the car buying process, you can get the right auto for your needs.


Car Loan


A car loan is financing used for purchasing a vehicle. There are many institutions offering this funding option. For example, many auto dealers offer in-house financing for their customers. You can finance up to the maximum cost of the car. Working with dealership, is a convenient way of borrowing funds and buying your dream car all in one place.




Car loans are generally paid in full within one to five years. You have the option of making bi-weekly or monthly payments. Consider making a substantial down payment. It’s the easiest way of lowering your payouts.




There are so many automobile brands, makes and models. How do you know what car is best for you? Research costs associated with the vehicle. Consider things such as insurance, fuel consumption, maintenance and parts. You can find this information online.


Test Drive


Test drive the cars that interest you. Compare things such as handling, steering, braking, comfort and smoothness of the ride. Getting behind the wheel helps you make the right choice.


Used Car


There are many advantages to purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Typically, these autos undergo extensive bumper-to-bumper inspections. In many cases, late model cars are equipped with the latest modern technology and features. It’s a budget-friendly approach to buying a high-quality, reliable vehicle.


Getting around in Canada is a lot easier when you have your own vehicle. The good news is you don’t have to break the bank to do it. With a little upfront leg work, you can obtain a loan and drive off the dealer’s lot in your dream car.

What You Need to Know About Car Leasing

Leasing a car can be a good alternative to purchasing one. If you’re wondering if car leasing is for you, take a look at these facts that can help you make an educated decision. After all, we want you to make the right choice.


When Does Leasing Make Sense?


If you don’t have the cash to buy a car or if you have a bad credit score that would keep you from securing a good interest rate, then leasing is a good option. You might even have your eyes on a vehicle that is out of your price range. If you are neither able to pay for it in cash nor get financing for it, leasing is your only choice. Are you someone who likes driving the latest vehicle or do you enjoy driving a different vehicle every few years? Then leasing is for you. Leasing contracts only allow you to drive the vehicle for a specified amount of mileage every year. Leasing a car makes sense if you don’t intend to go over this cap. It also makes sense if you like taking good care of your vehicle’s interior and exterior.


How Does the Leasing Process Work?


Before heading to the car dealership, you have to ask yourself what type of vehicle you desire or need. Depending on your own personal situation this can be a sports car, SUV, sedan, truck or convertible. You also have to decide on a model. It’s recommended to choose a vehicle that gets good gas mileage and that isn’t too expensive in regard to insurance. Furthermore, you want to pick a model that offers all the latest safety features so you can hit the road with a peace of mind. You want to take the car for a test drive, of course. After you decided for one specific vehicle, you have to negotiate the price with the dealership. Ask what you can do to bring down the monthly payment. Usually, putting down some money helps reduce the monthly bill.


Car leasing is a valuable option. Now you should be able to decide if leasing a car is right for you.

How To Get a Car Loan With Fair Terms & Rates With Bad Credit

If you have bad credit but you need a new vehicle, you may be worried about how you’re going to finance it. Even used cars cost upwards of $5,000, an amount that is not really pocket change for most people. If you have shopped loans and discovered that you’ll end up paying more in interest rates than the car is actually worth, you may be ready to throw in the towel and take up walking. While your health might appreciate that, walking everywhere is not really practical, or feasible for that matter. Fortunately, there are ways that you can obtain a bad credit car loan with terms and rates that you can get on board with.


Repair Your Credit


If your need for a new car isn’t urgent, take a few months to repair your credit. If you already have credit cards in your name, start to pay them off. By making even the minimum payments each month, you can gradually improve your credit score until it is high enough to affect the terms and rates of bad credit car loans. If you don’t have credit, apply for a secured card, which requires a deposit but that still works like a normal credit card.


Have a Down Payment


The bigger your down payment is, the less you’ll need to be financed for, which means the lower your interest rates and monthly payments will be. Aim to save 20 percent of the total cost of the vehicle you want. If you have an old vehicle you can trade in, that’s even better! Combine both your down payment and your used car to lower the overall price tag of your future new vehicle.


Be Patient


Finding fair bad credit car loans will take some time. Don’t just jump on the first offer you receive, as this could end up costing you thousands of dollars that you cannot really afford, which will damage your credit even more.


Fair bad credit car loans can be tricky to come by, but by utilizing the tips above, you can walk away with the financing—and a vehicle—that you can reasonably afford.

4 Mistakes Car Buyers With Bad Credit Make

There are benefits to bad credit car loans. For one, you can buy a car when you have low credit. You can also boost your credit score. Once you qualify for a loan, the next step is shopping for a vehicle. It is a major step, and there are some precautions you must take. There are missteps buyers make that cost them money. Below are the most common mistakes – and how you can avoid them.


Signing Documents Without Reading Them


The paperwork for a loan may contain unfamiliar information. Read the document and ask questions. If you sign without reading, you may be agreeing to terms that may cost you extra money or even worsen your credit score.


Taking the First Deal


Generally, bad credit car loans have higher interest rates. Still, it is best that you shop around for the best deal. Check with at least three dealerships and ask them about their interest rates. You can find a dealer with lower rates. This will save you a lot of money.


Adding Extras to Your Car


You can get all kinds of extra features for your car. While it is tempting, it is best to avoid them. These features add hundreds or thousands of dollars to the sales price. Stick with a quality car that is equipped with what you need. This way you can avoid monthly budget-busting car notes.


Making Payments at the Car Lot


There are car dealerships that require that you make payments at the lot. These dealers don’t report to the credit bureaus. Buy your car from a dealer who reports to credit agencies. When you make payments on time it will increase your credit score.


Bad credit car loans help people buy vehicles. Like any loan, it is always best to do your due diligence. You are getting your finances in order. The last thing you want to do is make a mistake that causes you more stress and financial hardship.